Intermediate Oral(speaking) Communication Course

Intermediate Oral(speaking) Communication Course

The goal of Oral English is communication. Communication means that people speaking to one another can understand each other. In the world of business you must communicate with others from many countries with different native languages. Much of this communication with people of different languages is done in English. When a German does business with a person from Italy it is in English. Some 98% of the world is learning English from an early age through college. So for a business major, English is a necessity.

Is English the best language in the world? Many people would say no. Other languages have better structures, are simpler, and are far more regular with fewer exceptions to the rules. The English language has “borrowed” words from many of the languages of the world. Immigrants coming into the United States have contributed many words to the language, words that have rules of pronunciation from the original country. “Coolie” and “kowtow” were taken from the Chinese language, “kamikaze” from the Japanese, “shampoo” from Indian, “blitz” from German, “amigo” and “Los Angeles” from Mexican and so on. Almost all Americans trace their roots from other countries and thus the language is rich in words from these countries.

English is a language that is constantly changing. British English was once the most popular but is gradually being replaced by American English. The two differ somewhat in spelling, vocabulary, and use of articles. Either is acceptable but you must not mix the two. You must use one or the other.

Many students have studied English for years, some as many as eight. But some have difficulty speaking so native speakers can understand the meaning. Some know many words but are unable to discern them when native speakers use them. In our Oral English classes we will concentrate on speaking and listening to native English speakers. For this reason, because we are trying to train your ears to hear English and your mouths to speak intelligible English, “only English” classes are effective.

Course Description

The course aims to provide participants with the language skills and knowledge required to communicate effectively in English in various speech events.



  • To expose you to a wide range of vocabulary, expressions, and linguistic structures which are relevant and useful in your day to day use of the language.
  • To improve your fluency and your ability to express yourself clearly in a wide range of different situations.
  • That you feel comfortable using English in specific situations (ordering in a restaurant, job interview,…) by simulating real life situations such as these in the classroom.
  • To speak with confidence and competence in moderate-level oral interactions
  • To understand most conversation on familiar topics in social and academic situations
  • To speak in public with accuracy, fluency and confidence
  • To participate in group discussions




1.  Listening and Speaking Skills

  • Micro-skills for oral fluency
  • Oral fluency practice
  • Pronunciation practice


2.   Public Speaking Skills

  • Giving Speeches: why and to whom
  • Choosing a topic and organizing a formal speech
  •  Preparing and practicing a formal speech
  •  Preparing for participation in group and panel discussions


Multimedia Materials: Video Lecture Courses

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The Teaching Company: University Video and Audio Courses, All Subjects

-“Professional English Training”
- English Class Multi-Media Materials
- Any material selected for English training, will be provided to the student at no cost.  All of the video lecture series, being actual university level classes, and communicated by experienced professors, makes this list very useful as secondary, or primary, lesson materials.

Name of the course.

TTC AUDIO – American Religious History

TTC AUDIO – Argumentation – The Study of Effective Reasoning (2nd Ed)

TTC AUDIO – Art of Teaching – Patrick N. Allitt PhD (2010)

TTC AUDIO – Classics of British Literature

TTC AUDIO – Classics of Russian Literature

TTC AUDIO – Conservative Tradition

TTC AUDIO – Existentialism and the Meaning of Life – No Excusese, Robert Solomon

TTC AUDIO – Great Ideas of Psychology

TTC AUDIO – History of Freedom, Rufus Fears

TTC AUDIO – History of Science – 1700 to 1900, Frederick Gregory

TTC AUDIO – Life Lessons from the Great Books, Rufus Fears

TTC AUDIO – Masterpieces of the Imaginative Mind

TTC AUDIO – Philosophy of Mind – Brains, Consciousness, and Thinking Machines

TTC AUDIO – Philosophy of Science

TTC AUDIO – Story of Human Language – John McWhorter

TTC AUDIO – The Concerto

TTC AUDIO – The Early Middle Ages

TTC AUDIO – The High Middle Ages

TTC AUDIO – The Late Middle Ages

TTC VIDEO – A History of European Art

TTC VIDEO – Albert Einstein – Physicist, Philosopher, Humanitarian – Don Howard

TTC VIDEO – Alexander The Great And The Macedonian Empire – Kenneth W. Harl

TTC VIDEO – Algebra II

TTC VIDEO – America and the New Global Economy, Taylor, 2008

TTC VIDEO – An Introduction to Number Theory

TTC VIDEO – Art of the Northern Renaissance

TTC VIDEO – Big History

TTC VIDEO – Building Great Sentences – Exploring the Writer’s Craft

TTC VIDEO – Change and Motion – Calculus Made Clear 2e

TTC VIDEO – Consciousness and its Implications

TTC VIDEO – Dante’s Divine Comedy

TTC VIDEO – Dark Matter,Dark Energy

TTC VIDEO – Dutch Masters – The Age of Rembrandt Lectures

TTC VIDEO – Existentialism and the Meaning of Life – Robert C. Solomon

TTC VIDEO – Experiencing Hubble – Understanding the Greatest Images of the Universe

TTC VIDEO – Fall of the Pagans and the Origins of Medieval Christianity

TTC VIDEO – From Monet to Van Gogh – A History of Impressionism

TTC VIDEO – Great Masters of Classical Music Megapack

TTC VIDEO – Great Thinkers, Great Theorems

TTC VIDEO – Greek and Persian Wars

TTC VIDEO – Herodotus, Father of History

TTC VIDEO – High School Algebra I

TTC VIDEO – High School Algebra II

TTC VIDEO – High School Basic Math

TTC VIDEO – High School Chemistry

TTC VIDEO – High School Geometry

TTC VIDEO – History of Science 1700-1900

TTC VIDEO – History of the English Language

TTC VIDEO – How the Earth Works

TTC VIDEO – How to Look At and Understand Great Art

TTC VIDEO – Human Body – How We Fail, How We Heal

TTC VIDEO – Late Antiquity – Crisis and Transformation

TTC VIDEO – Life and Legacy of the Roman Empire – Ori Z. Soltes

TTC VIDEO – Life Lessons From The Great Myths

TTC VIDEO – Lifelong Health Achieving Optimum Well-Being at Any Age (compressed)

TTC VIDEO – Masterpieces of Ancient Greek Literature

TTC VIDEO – Masters of Greek Thought

TTC VIDEO – Masterworks of American Art

TTC VIDEO – Masterworks of Early 20th-Century Literature

TTC VIDEO – Michael Dues – Art of Conflict Management

TTC VIDEO – Modern Physics For Non-Scientists (compressed)

TTC VIDEO – Museum Masterpieces

TTC VIDEO – Museum Masterpieces – The Metropolitan Museum of Art

TTC VIDEO – Mysteries of the Microscopic World

TTC VIDEO – Nutrition Made Clear

TTC VIDEO – Optimizing The Brain (compressed)

TTC VIDEO – Ori Z. Soltes – Art across the Ages DVD8 no guide [course 7150]

TTC VIDEO – Our Night Sky

TTC VIDEO – Physics in Your Life

TTC VIDEO – Power of Mathematical Thinking (compressed)

TTC VIDEO – Practical Philosophy

TTC VIDEO – Quantum

TTC VIDEO – Quantum Mechanics The physics of the Microscopic World [compressed 2gb]

TTC VIDEO – Questions of Value

TTC VIDEO – Reason and Faith – Philosophy in the Middle Ages

TTC VIDEO – Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Rise of Nations

TTC VIDEO – Rise and Fall of Soviet Communism – A History of 20th Century Russia – Gary Hamburg

TTC VIDEO – Robert Garland – Greece and Rome – An Integrated History of the Ancient Mediterranean

TTC VIDEO – Sensation, Perception and the Aging Process

TTC VIDEO – Shakespeare–Comedies_Histories_Tragedies

TTC VIDEO – Shape of Nature

TTC VIDEO – Skywatching Seeing And Understanding Cosmic Wonders

TTC VIDEO – Story of Human Language

TTC VIDEO – Stress and Your Body (compressed)

TTC VIDEO – The Great Principles of Science – Robert M. Hazen

TTC VIDEO – The Long 19th Century – European History from 1789 to 1917

TTC VIDEO – The Passions

TTC VIDEO – The World Was Never the Same – events That Changed History

TTC VIDEO – Thinking About Capitalism

TTC VIDEO – Tools of Thinking – Understanding the World Through Experience and Reason

TTC VIDEO – Transformational Leadership

TTC VIDEO – Turning points in american history

TTC VIDEO – Understanding Calculus – Problems, Solutions, And Tips

TTC VIDEO – Understanding Linguistics – The Science of Language

TTC VIDEO – Understanding the Brain

TTC VIDEO – Understanding the Brain (compressed)

TTC VIDEO – Understanding the Human Body (compressed version)

TTC VIDEO – Vikings

TTC VIDEO – War, Peace, and Power Diplomatic History of Europe, 1500–2000

TTC VIDEO – World Philosophy

TTC VIDEO – Zero to Infinity — A History of Numbers

TTC AUDIO – History of the English Language

TTC VIDEO – Building Great Sentences – Exploring the Writer’s Craft

TTC VIDEO – History of the English Language, 2nd Edition


Class Materials

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Documents: TESOL, Resume/CV, Reference Letters

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Photos of my classes in Nizhny

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Photos of my classes in Nizhny